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However, it can only help you to transfer all music from iPod to flash drive. There is no way to just transfer selected music. Aaron Donald is an avid IT geek and smart phone enthusiast who is dedicating himself to write high quality articles for Apple users to fix iOS issues. Free Trial Free Trial. It can do so much more than iTunes and it helps you have total control over your music.

Method 1: Using “Copy and Paste” to Move Music from iTunes to USB

You can transfer specific songs, or the whole playlist. Sync music to iPod from iTunes without destroying the existing music library. Directly add files to iPod without undergoing iTunes library - just drag and drop. Perfect and strongly-recommended iOS transfer software - review by Geekreply , tricksworldzz.

How to Copy a CD to Flash on a Mac | It Still Works

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View all the comments and join the discussion. With steps above, you can transfer iTunes music to USB manually. These steps seem simple. Thanks to modern technology, how to copy iTunes music to USB is not a challenge any more. This second method will depend on Leawo iTransfer.

How to transfer music from iTunes to USB flash drive

It is a professional and reliable program which helps you transfer or copy music from iTunes to USB. With the help of Leawo iTransfer, you can copy files from iTunes to other device and from another device back to iTunes. This program works on following devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computers. We are going to look at the steps taken to achieve this task. Before you start transferring files, you need to get the Leawo iTransfer program on your device.

Features of Ondesoft Apple Music Converter:

Once you are in the interface of Leawo iTransfer, you need to make sure that your USB flash drive is connected to your computer and there is enough space to enable the transfer. All your iTunes music will appear here.

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  • Method 1: Using “Copy and Paste” to Move Music from iTunes to USB.
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You should be able to select which music you would like to be transferred. Click on transfer icon on the right to initiate the process of transfer. A box appears, and you need to choose the location where the selected music will be transferred to. The process is completed now. Your music will be transferred to your USB flash drive. Now you can enjoy your music in the car without connecting to iTunes or your iPhone. This seems to be the simplest method to transfer iTunes music to USB drive.

Using a USB Drive on a Mac

You can also transfer files between iPhone and USB drive on your computer with ease. Can you save iTunes songs to a flash drive in another way?

Yes, you can also use Windows Explorer to copy songs from iTunes to flash drive. By default, iTunes songs are stored in the iTunes Media folder for easy management. Once you locate this folder, you can know how to transfer songs from iTunes to flash drive with ease. But before doing this, you need to figure out the location of all the songs in your iTunes library.