Add headers, footers, and watermarks

Is the new text added in a separate text box? How easy is it to edit and delete content from the PDF? Can you move content around?

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Does the text you add maintain the style and formatting of the original PDF? Can you add hyperlinks or attach documents? Can you add images? Collaboration : What markup tools are available? Can you highlight, underline, or strikethrough text? Can you use freehand drawing tools and an eraser. Can you add stamps?

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Can you track who reads and edits? Signing : Can you add a signature?

Is this signature scanned, imported, or typed? How many signatures can you save? Saving : Can you resize the PDF? Can you stitch pages from multiple docs? Can you delete pages? Can you rotate pages? Can you find and replace words? Can you redact words?

How to Edit PDF Files on Mac

We've tested the following trial and free versions of some of the best known PDF editors for Mac, read on to find out which one is best for you. We appreciate that trial versions of software might not be suitable if you are looking for something more long-term, but it you just need a free PDF editor for a one off form-fill then trying out one of these professional solutions might just turn out to be perfect for the job.

There is a free PDF editor already available on your Mac and it's pretty good. You can use Preview to add text in text boxes , you can change the size, colour and font you use. You can also underline text the same way. It turns out these options are also available from the highlighter palette.

How to Create Text from PDF on Mac

Under Annotate in the menu are options for adding a speech bubble. You can also add comments in the form of sticky notes. Just click on the bar on the left-hand side to shuffle pages. It is also easy to rotate pages. Adding a signature was simple, although there were only two options for doing so: using a trackpad, or by signing your name on a piece of paper and holding it up to the camera.

You can save multiple signatures. We have a guide to adding a signature to a PDF here. As we said above, Preview offers enough features if all you need to do is enter a bit of text and sign a PDF. If you want a little more flexibility than that Preview might not have enough features for you We also have a guide to using Preview on the Mac here.

However, there are a lot of features that are available for free. Here you will also find the options to add a tick or a cross, a circle, or a line. Comment options include the ability to add a speech bubble, highlight, underline, and strike-through words. In fact, you can strike-through and add a related comment. All your comments will appear in the sidebar on the right.

How to Convert PDF to Text on Mac

There are also tools here to draw and erase what you draw. A stamp tool with options like Approved, Revised, Confidential, Sign Here, and the option to import your own these need to be in the PDF format, but it could be a way to add an image. When adding a signature you have options to Type, Draw using a mouse or trackpad , or Image. If you opt for the latter you could import a scan or photograph of your signature - you can import any image this way, but it will appear translucent, with the background appearing behind it as you can see from our illustration.

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Acrobat Reader offers enough features to make it worth the download. It can be a tad annoying when it looks like you need to get a subscription to use features that it turns out can be performed without signing up, so beware of this before you spend. There are two options for editing that you can find in the menu at the top of the page: Annotate and Edit.

Under Annotate you will find the tool to easily add text to the PDF. You can choose the font and colour of the text here. However, you will find the better editing tools under Edit. You can change that with optical character recognition OCR software. Many of the options are from unknown developers, and there are inherently risks associated with downloading and using free software outside of the Mac App Store. For more help getting the most out of your Apple devices, check out our how to guide as well as the following articles:.

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